moissanite vs diamond vs cubic zirconia

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia: Choosing The Best

In the market for a new piece of jewelry? There are many choices when it comes to picking out an engagement ring. You can go with the tradition or choose new gemstones. So, what's the best option? Here is a detailed look at moissanite vs diamond vs cubic zirconia to make the right choice for you and your fiancé.

Which Is Better? Moissanite Vs Diamond Vs Cubic Zirconia

Trying to decide between moissanite, diamond, or cubic zirconia? All three options have their pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to preference. Keep reading to learn more about each option so you can make the best decision for you.

  • Moissanite

Moissanite is a gemstone first discovered in a meteor crater in 1893. It is composed of silicon carbide and is known for its brilliance and fire. Most moissanite on the market today is lab-created, although it can also be found naturally occurring.


  • Moissanite is cheaper than diamonds, so it's a great option if you're on a budget.
  • Moissanite is also harder than diamonds, which will better resist scratches and other wear and tear over time.
  • Because moissanite is so hard, it does not require special care when cleaning.


  • Although moissanite is cheaper than diamonds, it still costs more than cubic zirconia.
  • Some people feel that moissanite does not have the same "class" as diamonds.
  • Because moissanite is so hard, it may chip harder surfaces if dropped or hit too hard.
  • Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones on the market today. They are made of carbon and are known for their hardness (which makes them great for wear) and their brilliance. Most diamonds on the market today are mined; however, some lab-created diamonds are also available.


  • Diamonds are very brilliant so they will add sparkle to any piece of jewelry.
  • Diamonds are highly durable and will last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Diamonds have a higher resale value than other gemstones, so you can get a good return on your investment if you ever decide to sell your diamond jewelry.


  • Diamonds are the most expensive option on this list.
  • Diamonds require special care when cleaning; you cannot just use any old cleaner or method or risk damaging your diamond jewelry.
  • Diamonds can chip or break if dropped or hit too hard against a hard surface; however, this is true of any gemstone (except for perhaps moissanite).
  • Cubic Zirconia

moissanite vs diamond vs cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) is probably the most affordable option on this list. It is made from zirconium dioxide, and its appearance resembles diamonds. Because cubic zirconia is so affordable, it is often used in costume jewelry rather than fine jewelry; however, there are some exceptions to this rule.


  • Cubic zirconia costs a fraction of what diamonds cost, making it an attractive option for people on a budget.
  • Cubic zirconia has more "fire" than diamonds; this means it will reflect light in more colors than a diamond will (giving off more sparkle).


  • Cubic zirconia does not have the same "class" as diamonds; therefore, it may not be appropriate for certain occasions where diamond jewelry would be expected (such as a black tie event).
  • Cubic zirconia is not as durable as diamonds; therefore, it may scratch or chip more easily than diamonds.
  • Cubic zirconia does not have the same resale value as diamonds; therefore, you may not get as much money back if you sell your cubic zirconia jewelry later on down the road.

The Cost Of Each Gemstone!

The cost will always be a big factor when deciding between moissanite, diamond, or cubic zirconia. Now let's look at the average cost of each gemstone so you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

  • Moissanite: Moissanites are typically less expensive than diamonds, costing an average of $600 per carat.
  • Diamonds are the most popular type of gemstone on the market today. They are also the most expensive, costing an average of $2,500 per carat.
  • Cubic Zirconia: Cubic zirconia is an artificial gemstone that is less expensive than moissanite and diamonds, costing an average cost of $50 per carat.

Why Do Some Stones Get Cloudy, And Others Don't?

Moissanite, Diamond, and Cubic Zirconia are all beautiful stones used in jewelry. They each have unique properties that make them special. However, all three of these stones have in common that they can get cloudy over time.

But why does this happen? It has to do with the hardness of the stone. The harder the stone, the more resistant it is to scratching and other damage. However, the trade-off is that hard stones are also more susceptible to clouding.

So, which ones get cloudy? Moissanite, diamond, and cubic zirconia can all get cloudy from time to time. However, moissanite is the most resistant to clouding out of the three stones. This is because moissanite is harder than diamond and cubic zirconia.

The best thing is to care for your jewelry properly. This means avoiding exposure to chemicals, cleaning it regularly, and storing it in a safe place. With proper care, all three stones will retain their beauty for many years. Here are simple tips for green moissanite jewelry!

How To Choose The Best Gemstone?

moissanite vs diamond vs cubic zirconia

Now that you know more about each type of gemstone, it's time to choose the best one for you!

  • If price is no object and you want the classic look of diamond jewelry, then go with diamonds.
  • Go with cubic zirconia if you're looking for something with all the sparkles without the high price tag.
  • If you're looking for something between those extremes (in terms of price and quality), go with moissanite!

No matter which type of gemstone you choose, we wish you luck finding the perfect jewelry piece to suit your needs!

Final Words

All three gemstones have different appearances and properties. It depends on what you are looking for as to which one would be best for you. All three have advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability, and appearance.

No matter which type of gemstone you choose for your new piece of jewelry, be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what you're getting into! Have you decided which one is best for you yet? Finally, look at how to keep your engagement ring from spinning and the 4-prong vs 6-prong settings!

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