The Garden Collection

Our spring sapphire line

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A Fine Line

Thin stackable solid gold showstoppers

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Our new Alexandrite Line

Lavender Haze

Solid gold meets the mystical hues of alexandrite

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One Of A Kind Jewelry

Ethically Sourced. For Everyone.

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Our Curated Designs


Inclusive Luxury Experiences That Support The Planet

Noor & Leila exists to flip the diamond industry on it's head. We just think its wrong to destroy the environment with unethical labor in order to source diamonds that are marked up 8-10x in order to make a profit. We do it differently.

Our brand exists to build up all communities and help fight against global warming. Read more about our philosophy and our climate mission.

Have our team design your dream ring

Our bespoke process is a one-on-one experience. You work closely with our design team to bring your original dream ring to life.

From sketch, to CAD, to handcrafted ring - unique and for forever.


Your Dream Ring

About Us

Our Commitment To The Planet

We want to protect the communities hit hardest by the climate crisis. Like the people in Pakistan facing severe heat waves and flooding, and the people in Chad & Niger dealing with devastating drought. The planet has reached a tipping point and keeping global warming beneath 2.4°C is a top priority. This is our ‘why’ we are in business.


Through optimized process and ethical sourcing, we’re able to offer unique, sustainable rings that will last a lifetime at a fraction of the price of traditional designer rings. We make the luxury ring experience accessible to everyone by sacrificing margins instead of quality.

Unique & For Forever

We make legacy products using superior quality materials and craftsmanship. Longevity, of course, doesn’t just come from the materials used but also from timeless design. Great design is more important for the environment than lots of people give credit for.

Unique & For Forever

This is our origin story. It's why we exist. And It's what we hope to become.

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Made With Love

Handcrafted jewelr made from ethically sourced Moissanite, sustainable materials & carbon offset.


The perfect ring should fit just right. That’s why we offer free shipping & free 30-day exchanges.

Community Over Profit

Traditional jewelry markups are often 8-10x the cost of production. We offer handcrafted rings at a fraction of the price.

1% For The Planet

At least 1% of every order supports the fight against global warming & climate injustice.