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Our Story

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Sustainable Luxury For Everyone

We’re a team of lifelong creatives that have had a passion for thoughtful design for as long as anyone can remember. The concept for Noor & Leila was born after one of our founders proposed to the love of his life. Knowing moissanite was an option, he began the search for a dream ring but was underwhelmed with the lack of moissanite options, quality, and affordability at the time. So, he began on his own journey of designing his own moissanite engagement ring for his forever person. His struggle to find a unique, quality moissanite ring was our inspiration to craft unique, sustainable, and accessible rings for everyone. Our goal is to provide inclusive luxury experiences for modern environmentally-conscious couples without the luxury markups. With a shared passion for protecting our environement, we discovered that the purpose of Noor & Leila was to act as a platform for supporting the fight against climate change. Purchasing a Noor & Leila ring not only puts funds into the hands of organizations that are solving global warming, it also enables us to pursue positive climate policy change. Together we can keep global warming under 2.4°C and be proud of the planet we pass on to future generations.

The fight against climate injustice

Some communities are disproportionately harmed by the climate crisis, even when they may have done the least to contribute to it in the first place. Our goal is to support these communities through charitable donations to climate organizations and by using our company as a platform to fight for better climate policy.

Unique & For Forever

We want to make legacy products using superior quality materials and craftsmanship. Longevity, of course, doesn’t just come from the materials used but also from timeless design.

Things are thrown away because people stopped loving them. Great design is more important for the environment than lots of people give credit for.

Inclusivity Before Profit

Through optimized process and ethical sourcing, we’re able to offer unique, sustainable rings that will last a lifetime at a fraction of the price of traditional designer rings. Our goal is to make the luxury ring experience accesible to everyone by sacrificing margins instead of quality. Our loyal family of customers doubles as the collective voice that enables us to have a significant impact on climate policy.

Made With Love

Handcrafted rings made from ethically sourced Moissanite, sustainable materials & carbon offset.

Risk-Free Guarentee

The perfect ring should fit just right. That’s why we offer free shipping & free 30-day exchanges.


Traditional jewelry markups are often 8-10x the cost of production. We offer handcrafted rings at a fraction of the price.