About Moissanite

Natural moissanite occurs when a meteor hits the Earth. Intense impact, heat, and pressure of this event creates moissanite.

Because this doesn’t happen too often (phew!) and natural moissanite lacks quality in both color and clarity, all of our moissanite is lab-created to deliver the most beautiful stones possible with sustainability and control in mind.

Our Moissanite is available in a range of modern white (DEF), vintage white (GHI), canary yellow, champagne, dark green, light blue, dark blue, gray and black.

We also offer lab sapphire, lab ruby, and alexandrite in addition to moissanite.

Even though they share many optical similarities, moissanite is chemically and compositionally different from a both natural and lab-created diamonds. Moissanite has a higher refractive index, and it also differs in terms of hardness.

Diamonds are measured at a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness while moissanite comes in at a 9.25-9.5. Moissanite is completely suitable for everyday wear, and their color grade and sparkle are made to last. Moissanite is also completely conflict-free and eco-friendly, unlike the majority of diamonds!

We believe love should never start with someone else’s suffering – period.


Depending on where your design is in our production queue, we may be able to change or cancel your order and/or shipping address.

Send us a message on our contact page as soon as you can! You can also live chat with us using the chat widget on the bottom of your device.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

We are happy to offer two methods of financing for our customers; PayPal or Affirm. You can either apply for a line of credit through PayPal or finance monthly through Affirm. Both options will be available when you go to check out and add your financial information - you will click 'complete order', and will be redirected to either PayPal or Affirm to complete your purchase securely.

If you are planning on financing, we recommend that you to apply for a PayPal line of credit or Affirm now so you know what you are approved for, and we can set up multiple listings so you can use multiple methods of payments, as outlined below. 

PayPal Credit



We can divide the total price of a piece between 2, 3 or 4 listings so that you can use multiple different payment methods to purchase a ring. For example, if you wanted to purchase a ring for $2000 and have $500 you want to put on a debit card and then you want to use Paypal financing for $1000 and then you want the remaining amount on your credit card we would set up the following listings for you, first one for $500, the second one for $1000 and the remaining amount would be on the third listing for $500.

All of the listings have to be purchased within a 24 hour period, the payments cannot be spread over multiple days/weeks. 

We will email you updates as your ring moves through every step of the production process and when it is packaged and shipped.

You can always send us a message on our contact page for additional updates or information.


All of our rings are unique and made-to-order with a 6-8 week lead time. We offer a four week (+$400) rush option, dependent on how busy we are.

Please send a message to our team on our contact page to confirm if your piece is eligible to be rushed prior to placing your order.

We design and handcraft all of our rings to order using sustainable metals and stones.

Each ring starts as a 3D CAD that is set to your finger size. The 3D model is used to print a wax mold, which is then cast into precious metals using a traditional lost-wax casting method.

Finally, our expert jewelers clean the casting, set the precious stones, and carefully hand polish your ring.


All of our minimal packaging is tested for security and constructed with FSC certified 90% biodegradable material, sustainably printed with Noor & Leila branding in soy-based ink.

Packages are shipped via UPS 2-Day and fully insured.

Please be available to sign for your package upon delivery.

Your order will require a signature for delivery, so please be sure that an adult is home to receive your order.

If you may not be available to sign, we recommend making other arrangements such as delivering to a work address or a neighbor who will be available to sign during the day.

UPS will attempt to deliver your package three times before it is sent back to us. If your package is sent back to us and needs to be shipped a second time, a flat $75 shipping fee will apply.

We carefully package your ring in our signature soft-touch, suede Noor & Leila ring box.

The ring box is then fits securely in our eco-friendly mailers made with 90%-recycled FSC paper material and printed with soy-based ink. These our colorful mailers with our logo printed on the front - you can see examples on our Instagram page.

Exchanges & Warranty

If you choose to exchange your piece of jewelry, you need to complete our exchange form, which you can find at the bottom of this page. We will then send you prepaid shipping instructions.

Please remember we only accept exchanges within 90 days of you receiving your order. We only cover shipping on exchanges placed within 30 of your order.

When we receive your ring undamaged and unworn, we will begin the process of completing your exchange.

We can fix it! We certainly don’t want you to wear an ill-fitting ring for the rest of your life.

We offer one complimentary resizing within 30 days of receiving your order. To initiate a resizing, simply message us on our contact page at any time.

This service is currently available for US customers only. Please note that most rings cannot be resized (up or down) more than one full size from the original size, and we do not resize rings that feature pave or accents around the full length of the band.  

We reserve the right to refuse a resizing request at any time if we determine that a ring's integrity or design will be compromised by a resizing procedure.

Noor & Leila sources only the highest quality gemstones, paired with impeccable craftsmanship to create special pieces that are unique, ethical, and affordable, which will last a lifetime.

Our Lifetime Warranty only covers the optical properties of the stone under normal wear. Optical properties include color, clarity, and clouding.

Examples of common jewelry issues that would be considered manufacturing defects include:

• Stones already loose in a newly made ring

• Newly-made rings that are deformed or bent

• Rings that are easily bent or deformed without any significant force

• Rings that were made with the incorrect material such as gold rather than platinum

Learn more about our Lifetime Guarentee.

Got something that is broken and needs repair or replacement? Just fill out our claim form here to initiate your warranty claim.

Custom Rings

Depending on our demand, custom jewelry typically takes 6-10 weeks from initial design consultation to final product, so you should book at least 6 weeks before you need a finished piece.

Add an additional 2 weeks if you need your ring in February, July, or December.

Our custom engagement rings typically start at $1,500. Many factors impact the price of custom jewelry, such as gemstone preferences like type of stone, carat weight, cut and clarity.

Additional price influences include metal type, overall dimensions of a piece, design complexity and detail, rarity of gemstones to be sourced, quantity of gemstones to be set, and more.

Since we only work with sustainable lab diamonds, moissanite, and gemstones, the cost of our rings is substantially lower than those made with mined diamonds.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being the most accesible moissanite ring provider, which we've acheived through innovative efficiencies in process and opting for smaller margins in favor of our customers pockets.

Payments for custom jewelry are divided into two installments. First you pay a $500 design deposit to get the ball rolling (after receiving an initial cost estimate).

Then we require the remaining balance for custom pieces to be paid before the commissioned jewelry goes into production.

Click here to start the design process.

We'll get some basic contact info from you as well as whatever you currently have envisioned for your ring. Everything from size to stones, cut, band thickness, accents and what the feel of the ring should be.

We'll be in touch afterwards with a cost estimate for you to approve and will let you know if we need any additional info before creating a sketch.


Handcrafted rings made from ethically sourced Moissanite, sustainable materials & carbon offset.


The perfect ring should fit just right. That’s why we offer free shipping & free 30-day exchanges.


Traditional jewelry markups are often 8-10x the cost of production. We offer handcrafted rings at a fraction of the price.