Bespoke Ring Design

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Bringing dream rings to life

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming when every ring at the jewelry store looks the same. We couldn’t agree more. So we work one-on-one with people like you to design custom engagement rings from scratch. Get exactly what you want with full transparency: a truly unique engagement ring  made one of a kind just for you.

A tailored Process from Idea to Delivery

Submit your vision

Click below to start the design process. We kick things off with a form that gathers everything we need to give you an estimate.


See sketched designs and give us feedback. We’ll revise until we’ve nailed the design and source additional stones if needed.


Your ring is architected and precisely engineered with CAD, cast in metal, and the stones are set by hand.


Your custom jewelry is ready! A custom piece and experience that will last you a lifetime.

What's so special about bespoke?

A custom designed ring tells your story. All of our ring collections are made-to-order, whcih means everyone receives a perfectly sized, unique forever ring.

However, the bespoke design process is an intimate chance to create something made just for you, that matches your vision, and just feels perfect.

We'll be with you every step of the way, from when we first sketch your vision, to drafting a CAD of the final design, and finally handcrafting the ring that will surely be passed down through your family for generations.

Questions About Bespoke Rings

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Getting Started

Depending on our demand, custom jewelry typically takes 6-10 weeks from initial design consultation to final product, so you should book at least 6 weeks before you need a finished piece.

Add an additional 2 weeks if you need your ring in February, July, or December.

We start with by gathering as many details online as we can because our design specialists are EXPENSIVE! Not to say we don't love them :)

We only offer consultations as needed to keep the cost of your ring down. But if we're struggling to understand your ultimate vision for any reason, or if you have any questions or concerns, we will absolutely schedule a call.

Click here to start the design process.

We'll get some basic contact info from you as well as whatever you currently have envisioned for your ring. Everything from size to stones, cut, band thickness, accents and what the feel of the ring should be.

We'll be in touch afterwards with a cost estimate for you to approve and will let you know if we need any additional info before creating a sketch.

The Design Process

The entire design process typically takes 6-10 weeks depending on the complexity of your design and how busy we are.

This time factors in creating the design, any revisions, drafting a CAD of the final design, sourcing any new stones if neccesary, handcrafting your dream ring, carefully packaging it up and sending it to you.

We work with the following precious and semi-precious metals: 14k/18k white gold, 14k/18k yellow gold, 14k/18k rose gold, and platinum.

We do not work with “industrial” non-precious metals such as titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and stainless steel nor base metals such as brass, bronze, or copper.

We enjoy creating jewelry using white and colored moissanite; as well as other durable lab grown gemstones such as Diamond, Alexandrite, Sapphire & Ruby.

We do not work with mediums that won’t stand the test of time and prefer to tell it straight and spare our clients from having a “lifetime” piece that doesn’t, in fact, last a lifetime.

We do! The number of characters that can be engraved will depend on the finger size of the ring that is being engraved.

Most rings can accommodate between 15 -30 characters (characters include letters, numbers and spaces. So for example “I Love You” is 8 letters, but actually 10 characters including the spaces).

Quality is our highest priority and we stand behind the craftsmanship and integrity of our jewelry. We want our clients to be thrilled with their one-of-a-kind pieces, so we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we want to know! We provide a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship. You can read more about our lifetime warranty here.


Our custom engagement rings typically start at $1,500. Many factors impact the price of custom jewelry, such as gemstone preferences like type of stone, carat weight, cut and clarity.

Additional price influences include metal type, overall dimensions of a piece, design complexity and detail, rarity of gemstones to be sourced, quantity of gemstones to be set, and more.

Since we only work with sustainable lab diamonds, moissanite, and gemstones, the cost of our rings is substantially lower than those made with mined diamonds.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being the most accesible moissanite ring provider, which we've acheived through innovative efficiencies in process and opting for smaller margins in favor of our customers pockets.

Payments for custom jewelry are divided into two installments. First you pay a $500 design deposit to get the ball rolling (after receiving an initial cost estimate).

Then we require the remaining balance for custom pieces to be paid before the commissioned jewelry goes into production.

Tell Us What You Want

Submit your ring inspiration and specs today and we'll kick off the design process with a custom cost estimate.

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Made With Love

Handcrafted rings made from ethically sourced Moissanite, sustainable materials & carbon offset.


The perfect ring should fit just right. That’s why we offer free shipping & free 30-day exchanges.


Traditional jewelry markups are often 8-10x the cost of production. We offer handcrafted rings at a fraction of the price.