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Jewelry Care Guide

Our jewelry created at Noor & Leila are timeless heirloom designs, meant to be passed down through generations. If you follow our care instructions, we guarantee the quality of your ring for life and even provide a lifetime warranty if that doesn't ring true.

Follow Our Ring Care Best Practices

It would be great to wear everyday pieces like your engagement ring ALL THE TIME, but there are certain situations that can compromise the most durable of pieces. A great example is if your job is labor intensive or if you work with chemicals, like a healthcare worker or hair stylist. To keep your heirloom jewelry shining bright, follow our jewelry care best practices.

Keep Your Ring in Great Condition

A piece of jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, can be damaged when performing daily activities or chores like gardening, washing dishes or working out. Please make sure to remove any jewelry before hands-on activities and store them in a safe place. This will help to prevent any damage and preserve them.

Wondering why your ring looks milky or cloudy? Avoid touching the stones in your jewelry at all costs. Moissanites and other precious stones are magnets for dust, dirt, and body oil. When you move your ring, you should always grab the band on either side of the stone instead of grabbing the stone itself. If your stone ever looks hazy or cloudy, it’s likely that it needs a professional cleaning.

Exposing jewelry to household liquids, perfumes, extreme temperatures and cosmetics can cause gold to discolor or possibly disintegrate when in contact with the stronger chemicals used in cleaning agents and can severely damage precious stones.

Proper Ring Maintenance

Buildup of dirt or oil blocks the light interactions in the stone, causing your beautifully cut stone to look dull. If you’re not cleaning it, then you’re not doing the stone justice leaving it looking lackluster. Determining how often to clean your jewelry truly depends on your lifestyle and daily activities, but we recommend cleaning it at least once a month. Luckily, cleaning your ring isn’t a labor-intensive process—just dip it in a cup of warm water mixed with a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes (or even overnight), then gently scrub the stone and basket with a soft-bristled children’s toothbrush, rinse, and pat dry. Make sure you never use household cleaners on your jewelry.

To avoid loosing any precious stones, it’s important to examine your jewelry regularly to make sure the settings are securely holding gemstones in place and that any clasps or joinings are in good condition. Prong settings are especially delicate. If hit or snagged on clothing they may loosen. Damaged prongs, joinings or clasps can result in the loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewelry.

For extremely delicate or complicated pieces, it’s a good idea to have your piece professionally checked once a year. If you have a classic setting—such as a solitaire set in platinum—having the ring checked isn’t entirely necessarily, so long as you keep an eye on it.

Look at the prongs yourself. Are any shorter than the others? Put the ring between two fingers, hold it up to your ear, and shake it a little bit. If you hear anything, then you have to get it tightened.

It’s important that your ring is properly sized, and we have suggestions on properly measuring your ring size before ordering. But if you ring is to loose on a consistent basis you should get it resized, because a loose ring will wear more over time and your setting is going to become out of shape.

That said, seasonal changes in temperature, weight fluctuations, and traveling can all affect the fit of your ring—so keep that in mind before jumping to have yours resized. Your ring size should account for a little bit of swelling, such as after working out or spending time in warmer weather. We also never recommend making any changes during pregnancies. Most women will just wear a wedding band or not wear anything at all.

Don’t Lose Your Ring

Hand washing is a must in a public restroom, but resist the temptation to remove your engagement ring while you're lathering up. It takes a while to get used to having this beautiful ring, and you want to protect it as much as you can, but so many brides end up washing their hands in a restaurant and leaving the ring behind. In general, you should leave your ring on while out in public to avoid tragically forgetting it somewhere. In instances where it makes sense to leave your ring off, such as when going to the beach or working out, its best to leave your ring safely at home for the day.

Place ring dishes throughout your home so that you have dedicated spaces to leave your ring when you do need to take it off. That way you know exactly where to look. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom, there will be a designated place for your ring should you need to take it off—because let’s face it: one of the keys to taking care of your new engagement ring is making sure not to lose it!

Get your jewelry insured as soon as possible. Most companies—either homeowners insurance or renters insurance—will add the ring to their existing policy with a rider that includes a valuation of all the characteristics. The valuation comes from the jeweler and goes above and beyond just the purchase receipt. For instance, we provide a certificate of quality & authenticity that details the characteristics and value of your jewelry and can be paired with a receipt to provide to you insurance company.

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