how to keep engagement ring from spinning

How To Keep Engagement Ring From Spinning?

Have you ever been told or noticed that your engagement ring was spinning? If so, you're not alone. Many people experience this issue with their rings. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your ring from spinning. In this blog post, we'll discuss tips on how to keep the engagement ring from spinning. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Causing Your Ring To Spin?

There are a few reasons why your engagement ring may be spinning.  

Your Ring Is Too Big

If your ring is too large for your finger, it's likely to spin around. This is because there's too much space between your finger and the ring, which allows the ring to move around more freely. 

Your Ring Is Too Loose

Even if your ring isn't necessarily too large, it can still spin if it's not tight enough. This is because there's still some space between your finger and the ring, which allows the ring to move around.

The Band Of Your Ring Is Bent

If the band of your ring is bent, that can also cause the ring to spin. This is because the bent band creates an uneven surface, which makes it easier for the ring to move around on your finger.

Your Hands Are Sweaty

If your hands are sweaty, that can also cause your rings to spin around on your fingers. This is because the sweat makes it easier for the rings to slip off of your fingers.

You Have Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, that can also cause your rings to spin around on your fingers. This is because the oil makes it easier for the rings to slip off of your fingers.

Bent Metal 

This can often happen if you hit your hand or fingers on something hard. It causes the ring to sit unevenly on your finger, which can make it spin. The best way to fix this is to take the ring to a jeweler and have them fix the bent metal. 

Worn-Out Metal 

If your ring is made of gold or silver, there's a chance that the metal has become worn down over time from being exposed to water, lotions, and other chemicals. When this happens, it causes the ring to spin on your finger because it no longer fits snugly. 

Dirty Ring 

Another possibility is that your ring is just dirty. If you haven't cleaned it in a while, there could be a build-up on the inside or outside of the band that's causing it to spin.

how to keep engagement ring from spinning

You Have A Medical Condition. 

There are certain medical conditions that can cause your fingers to swell, which can then cause your rings to spin. Conditions such as arthritis, pregnancy, and diabetes can all lead to swelling in the fingers, so if you have any of these conditions and notice your rings spinning, this may be the reason why.

Your Finger Is Wet

This is one of the most common causes of a spinning ring. When your finger is wet, the skin is more slippery and the ring has less grip. This can cause the ring to spin around on your finger until it finds a dry spot. If your finger is wet from sweating, you may notice that the ring spins more when you're active or in warm weather.

How To Keep Engagement Ring From Spinning: Step By Step Guide?

We have compiled a list of tips for keeping your engagement ring in place. Keep reading to learn more!

 Get Your Ring Resized

If your finger swells or shrinks due to weight changes, pregnancy, medication, or health conditions like arthritis, it's important to get your ring resized accordingly. A well-fitted ring will be less likely to spin than one that's too loose or too tight. Not sure if your ring needs to be resized? Bring it into a jewelry store and ask a professional for their opinion.

Choose The Right Setting

The setting of your ring plays a big role in how well it stays put on your finger. Prong settings are typically more secure than bezel settings, for example. If you're concerned about your ring spinning, ask your jeweler for their recommendations on which setting would work best for you.

Avoid Lotions And potions 

Lotions, hairsprays, and other products can build up on your skin and make it harder for your ring to stay in place. If you notice that your ring is spinning more often after applying lotion or another product, try washing your hands thoroughly before putting your ring back on.

Get A Ring Guard 

A ring guard is a small piece of jewelry that fits over your existing ring and helps keep it in place. Ring guards are especially helpful if you have an engagement ring with a large diamond or other stone that protrudes from the setting. Ask your jeweler if they carry ring guards or if they can recommend a good brand.

Make Sure The Setting Is Secure

One reason why an engagement ring might spin around on your finger is that the setting for the diamond or other gemstone is loose. If this is the case, then every time you move your hand even slightly, the stone will move also and cause the whole ring to spin around.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that the setting for your stone is secure by taking it to a jeweler for regular check-ups and cleanings. They'll be able to tighten any loose settings and tell you if there are any other problems with your ring that could cause it to spin around. 

how to keep engagement ring from spinning

Use Nail Polish To Keep It In Place

If all else fails and your engagement ring just won't stay put no matter what you do, then there's always nail polish! Just apply a small amount of clear nail polish (just enough to cover a small dot) on the inside of the band where it meets your skin. This will help create friction and prevent the ring from spinning as much. Just be sure not to use too much or else it will be difficult to remove later on! 

Wrapping Up

All of these tips are great ways to keep your engagement ring from spinning. If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your ring in place and avoid any damage that could occur from it spinning. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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