moissanite vs diamond side by side

Moissanite vs Diamond: Side By Side Comparison

When picking the perfect stone for your engagement ring, you want to make sure you do your research. Two of the most popular options on the market are diamonds and moissanite. Both have unique features, so it's essential to compare moissanite vs diamond side by side before planning.

Moissanite Vs Diamond Side By Side Comparison

Here's a quick rundown of the critical differences between diamonds and moissanite.

  • Appearance

The first thing you'll notice when comparing diamonds and moissanite is that they look different. Diamonds are typically colorless or near-colorless, while moissanite tends to have a yellowish or greenish hue. Some people prefer the look of colorless diamonds, while others prefer the subtle colors of moissanite. It comes down to personal preference.

  • Hardness

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, scoring a ten on the Mohs scale of hardness. On the other hand, moissanite scores 9.25 on the Mohs scale. While both stones are durable, diamonds are slightly more resistant to scratching and chipping.

  • Price

Another important consideration when choosing a stone for your engagement ring is price. Diamonds are typically more expensive than moissanite due to their rarity. However, moissanite costs a fraction of what a diamond costs per carat, so it's worth considering if you're working with a limited budget.

moissanite vs diamond side by side
  • Moissanite vs Diamond – The Pros

Let's start by looking at the pros of each stone. First up is moissanite. 

  • Moissanite is an artificial stone that is more affordable than a diamond.
  • It is also less likely to scratch or chip since it rates 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond rates 10).
  • Moissanite also has more fire than diamond, meaning it reflects light better and has more sparkle.

Now let's look at the pros of diamonds. 

  • Diamond is the hardest natural material on earth, which is very durable.
  • It is also the most scratch-resistant of all gemstones.
  • Diamonds are also trendy, which means they hold their value well.
  • And finally, diamonds are mined in many countries worldwide, so they are readily available.
  • Moissanite vs Diamond – The Cons

Now let's look at the cons of each stone. First up is moissanite.

  • One downside of moissanite is that it is a manufactured stone, so some people prefer the "natural" look of the diamond.
  • Moissanite is also difficult to cut, making it more expensive to resize or repair your ring down the road.
  • And because it has more fire than diamond, some people find moissanite too sparkly.

Now let's look at the cons of diamonds. 

  • The biggest downside of diamonds is their price; diamonds are costly.
  • They are also difficult to cut, making them expensive to resize or repair.
  • And because they are so popular, diamonds can be somewhat "generic" looking; if you want something unique, moissanite may be a better option.

So Which Is Better – Moissanite Vs Diamond Side By Side Comparison?

Well, that depends on your preferences and budget. If you want a stone that looks like a diamond but costs less, then moissanite may be the way to go. But a diamond may be the better choice if you don't mind spending more on a harder, more scratch-resistant stone. Do you know how to keep your engagement ring from spinning?

Can You Tell The Difference Between Moissanite And Diamond By Looking At It?

In short, the answer is quite difficult. It is tricky to distinguish between a diamond and a moissanite with the naked eye. 

Both gems possess similar physical qualities, such as hardness, optical dispersion, and refractive index. However, some key differences can be observed with a trained eye or through specialized equipment.

  • The slight difference in hardness can impact a moissanite's ability to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • While a well-cut and polished moissanite can last a lifetime, it is more susceptible to chipping and scratching than a diamond.
  • The sparkle factor is an area where moissanite truly shines (pun intended). Thanks to its high refractive index (2.65-2.69), moissanite produces more brilliance and fire than diamonds.
  • A trained jeweler can identify inclusions and wear patterns to help discern whether a stone is a diamond or moissanite.

With its slightly higher hardness on the Mohs Scale and more excellent brilliance and fire, thanks to its high refractive index, diamonds are typically considered superior to moissanite!

Does Moissanite Look Bigger Than A Diamond?

You're not alone if you've been debating whether to get a moissanite engagement ring. One of the main reasons couples are drawn to moissanite is because it looks very similar to a diamond but costs a fraction of the price.

moissanite vs diamond side by side

But does it look bigger than a diamond? In short, yes, moissanite does look bigger than a diamond. But that's not the whole story. You see, diamonds are judged on carat weight and cut.

  • Carat weight is how we measure a diamond's size—the higher the carat weight, the larger the diamond appears.
  • On the other hand, cut is how well the diamond has been cut and polished. A well-cut diamond will appear larger than a poorly cut one of the same carat weight.

So, if we compare carat weight, moissanite will appear larger than a diamond. But that's not the whole story. To get an accurate picture of how big a moissanite ring will look on your finger, you need to compare it to a diamond with the same cut quality. And that's where things start to get tricky.

The Reality Of Cut Quality

When shopping for diamonds, you'll notice different cut quality grades: Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. 

These grades are determined by how precisely the diamond has been cut and how well it reflects light. The higher the grade, the more sparkle and fire the diamond will have—and the more expensive it will be.

Comparatively speaking, most moissanite stones fall into either the "Good" or "Very Good" categories for cut quality. This means they won't have as much sparkle and fire as diamonds with Excellent or Ideal cut quality.

But they'll still look close to diamonds to the naked eye (unless you're a jeweler). And because they have a higher carat weight than diamonds, they'll also appear larger on your finger.

Back To You

When choosing a stone for your engagement ring, it's essential to research and compare your options for moissanite vs diamond side by side. Both have unique features, so it's ultimately up to you to decide which stone suits you. Now let’s look at the truth behind moissanite tacky and the 4-prong and 6-prong settings!

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