Moissanite Wedding Bands: A Complete Guide

Are you looking for the perfect wedding band? Something that is unique and sparkles brightly? If so, consider a Moissanite wedding band. Moissanite bands are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty and affordability. But what exactly is a Moissanite band, and what should you know before purchasing one?

This guide will answer all your questions and provide everything you need to know about choosing and wearing a Moissanite wedding band. So keep reading to learn more!

What Are Moissanite Wedding Bands


Moissanite wedding bands are a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional diamond rings. Moissanite is a stone found naturally in meteorites, and its name comes from the scientist who first discovered it, Henri Moissan. It is lab-created, meaning it has all of the fire and brilliance of a diamond at a fraction of the price.

It is also highly durable, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring or wedding band. Moissanite rings come in various styles, including solitaire, three-stone, halo, and split-shank. Moissanite bands can also be customized with initials, dates, or other symbols that are special to the couple.

How Are Moissanite Wedding Bands Made

Moissanite wedding bands are made using a process called flame fusion. In this process, fine Moissanite powder is placed in a furnace and heated to very high temperatures. The Moissanite melts and flows into a mold that is the shape of the desired ring. Once the Moissanite has cooled and hardened, it is polished to create a beautiful, glossy finish.

The Moissanite used to make Moissanite wedding bands is extremely hard and durable, making it the perfect material for rings worn daily. Moissanite is one of the most complex substances on earth, second only to diamonds. Moissanite wedding bands are not only beautiful and tough, but they are also an affordable alternative to diamond rings. So if you're looking for a unique engagement or wedding ring that will last a lifetime, Moissanite is a perfect choice.

Which Styles Are Available

There are a variety of Moissanite wedding bands to choose from to suit any style. The most popular Moissanite band styles include the classic solitaire, halo, three stone, and eternity.

The classic solitaire Moissanite ring features a single Moissanite center stone set in a simple metal band. This style is perfect for those who want a timeless and elegant ring that will impress.

The Halo Moissanite Ring features a gorgeous Moissanite center stone surrounded by smaller stones. This creates the illusion of greater size and adds extra sparkle to your engagement ring!

The three-stone Moissanite ring features three Moissanite stones of graduated sizes set in a metal band. This stunning and unique style makes it an excellent choice for those who want something different.

The eternity Moissanite ring features a continuous line of Moissanite stones set in a metal band. This beautiful style symbolizes eternal love, making it a popular choice for couples looking for a meaningful ring.

How To Care For Your Moissanite Wedding Band

Due to its unique properties, Moissanite is popular for wedding and engagement rings. Moissanite rings are highly durable and have a high refractive index, meaning they sparkle and shine brightly. However, caring for Moissanite rings can be slightly different than caring for traditional diamond rings. Here are some tips on how to care for your Moissanite wedding band:

Avoid harsh chemicals. Moissanite is a hard stone damaged by harsh chemicals such as bleach. If you need to clean your ring, use mild soap and warm water.

Remove your ring before cleaning or working with harsh chemicals.

Avoid extreme temperature changes. Moissanite can withstand high temperatures, but sudden changes can cause the stone to crack.

Don't wear your ring while swimming. Moissanite is durable, but chlorinated water can damage the stone over time.

Keep your ring clean and free of dirt and debris. Regularly wipe down your ring with a soft cloth to remove any build-up.

Have your ring professionally cleaned every few years. Moissanite is resistant to scratching and fading, but a professional cleaning will help keep your ring looking its best.

 How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to Moissanite wedding bands, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Moissanite is not as hard as diamonds, so that it may require more care.
  • Moissanite is cheaper than diamond so it may be a good option for couples on a budget.
  • Moissanite is available in various colors to find the perfect match for your style.
  • Moissanite is conflict-free so that you can feel good about your purchase.

Now that you know more about Moissanite, let's talk about price. Moissanite wedding bands typically cost between $300 and $700. However, the exact price will depend on the ring's size, quality, and style. For example, a simple solitaire Moissanite ring will be less expensive than an elaborate ring with multiple Moissanites. Moissanite is an excellent option for couples who want a beautiful ring without spending a fortune.

FAQs About Moissanite Wedding Bands


Moissanite is a trending alternative to diamonds in wedding bands, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding Moissanite. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Moissanite wedding bands.

How does Moissanite compare to diamonds? Moissanite is optically and physically similar to diamonds. With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, Moissanite is even tougher than diamonds! However, Moissanite's dispersion (fire) is more than double that of diamonds, giving Moissanite an incredible sparkle.

Is Moissanite ethically sourced? Absolutely! All Moissanite used in Moissanite wedding bands is lab-grown ethically and environmentally responsible.

Is Moissanite durable? Yes! Moissanite is one of the most durable gemstones available, perfect for everyday wear as a wedding band.

Do you offer warranty or protection plans? Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty and protection plan for all our Moissanite products.


Moissanite wedding bands are a great alternative to diamonds if you want something cheaper and just as beautiful. Although it is a newer stone on the market, it has quickly gained popularity because of its unique properties. If you're interested in buying a Moissanite band, make sure to do your research so that you can find the perfect one for you!

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