How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Band Worth?

How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Band Worth?

You may have seen platinum wedding bands on fingers all around town and wondered how much is a platinum wedding band worth? No matter your budget, there is a platinum wedding band out there for you. 

In this blog post, we will explore the different prices of platinum wedding bands so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for your own ring. Platinum is a valuable metal, so you can expect to pay more for a platinum ring than a silver or gold one. 

However, the price range for platinum rings is wide, and there are plenty of options to choose from no matter your budget. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of platinum wedding bands! 

How To Care For Your Platinum Wedding Band?

Platinum is a white precious metal that is known for its strength and durability. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Platinum rings are more expensive than gold rings because platinum is rarer than gold and platinum rings will last longer than gold rings. 

When caring for your platinum ring, it is important to remember that platinum is a soft metal. Therefore, you should remove your ring when doing activities such as gardening, cooking, or cleaning. You should also avoid getting your ring wet whenever possible. If you do get your ring wet, dry it off as soon as possible with a soft cloth. 

To clean your ring, use only mild soap and warm water. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your ring as they can damage the metal. You can also take your ring to a professional jeweler for regular cleaning. 

How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Band Worth

How Does Platinum Compare To White Gold?

Platinum and white gold are both beautiful, lustrous materials that are popular choices for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. But what are the differences between these two precious metals?

Here is a closer look at platinum and white gold, and how they compare in terms of strength, durability, and cost.

Platinum is a stronger metal than white gold. It is also more durable, meaning that it will not scratch or dent as easily as white gold.

Platinum is also more expensive than white gold, because of its rarity and the fact that it is more difficult to work with. However, many people feel that the extra cost is worth it for the added beauty and durability of platinum.

White gold is an alloy of gold and another metal, usually nickel or palladium. It is less expensive than platinum, but it is also less strong and less durable.

White gold can also tarnish over time, although this can be prevented with regular cleanings and by adding a coating of rhodium (a process known as "dipping").

So, which is better: platinum or white gold? The answer depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you want a strong, durable ring that will last a lifetime, platinum may be the better choice.

If you are looking for a beautiful ring that is more affordable, white gold may be a better option. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference.

The Many Advantages Of Platinum Ring Shopping 

How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Band Worth

Platinum Is More Durable Than Gold 

One of the biggest advantages of platinum is that it is far more durable than gold. In fact, platinum is about 30 times rare than gold, making it one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. Platinum rings will not bend or scratch as easily as gold rings, which means they will maintain their original shape and shine for years to come. 

Platinum Rings Have A Unique Look 

Another advantage of platinum rings is that they have a unique look that can be difficult to replicate with other materials. Platinum rings are typically 95% pure platinum, which gives them a white luster that many couples find irresistible. 

Gold rings, on the other hand, are only about 75% gold, which means they often have a yellowish tint. If you're looking for a ring with a truly unique look, platinum is the way to go. 

Platinum Rings Are Hypoallergenic 

If you or your partner has sensitive skin, you'll be happy to know that platinum rings are hypoallergenic. This means that they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction when worn.

Gold rings can sometimes cause skin irritation or rashes, but this is not typically an issue with platinum rings.

How Much A Platinum Wedding Band Is Worth?

The value of a platinum wedding band depends on several factors, including the weight of the metal, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the type of gemstones or diamonds that are set into the band.

The average cost of a platinum wedding band is $1,500. However, depending on the factors mentioned above, the price can range from $500 to $5,000. 


The weight of platinum is measured in troy ounces (abbreviated as "ozt"). One troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams. The average weight of a platinum wedding band is between 2 and 5 ozt.

Platinum is a very dense metal, so even a small ring will weigh more than an equally sized gold ring. 

The Design 

The design of the platinum wedding band will also affect the cost. A simple band with no designs or engravings will be less expensive than a band with intricate designs or engravings. If you want something truly unique, you may have to pay more for a custom design. 


The quality of the craftsmanship also affects the price of a platinum wedding band. A well-made ring will have smooth edges and clean lines. The setting for any diamonds or gemstones should be flush with the metal and free of any visible defects. 


If your platinum wedding band has diamonds or other gemstones set into it, those will also affect the value of the ring. Generally, larger diamonds or rare gemstones will increase the value of the ring.

For example, a ring with five 1-carat diamonds would be worth more than a ring with ten 0.5-carat diamonds.

How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Band Worth


It is interesting to think about the worth of something that holds so much sentimental value. While it is difficult to place a dollar amount on something like a wedding band, it is important to remember that every ring has a different value. 

Whether you are looking for an insurance policy or trying to figure out how much your platinum wedding band is worth, it is always best to consult with an expert. 

At the end of the day, what matters most is not the price tag but the memories and feelings associated with your ring. Have you ever had to determine the value of a sentimental item? Share your story in the comments below!

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